Monday, October 23, 2006

What Does This Man Have That Rehman Chishti Doesn't?

Answer: a seat to fight at the next general election.

The chap on the left is Gareth Johnson who has been described as a "small, perfectly pleasant if underwhelming right-winger." He was selected for Lewisham West in 2001 - where he lost to the sitting Labour MP Jim Dowd.

However, a contest he recently did manage to win was to be the PPC for Dartford.

Losing in Dartford at the last election must have really impressed the local Tories because the other A-listers up for selection didn't get a look in, including Gillingham's very own Rehman Chishti.

Better luck next time old chap. We're rooting for you here at Medway Tory Watch.


Anonymous Tory Ann said...

Dartford can have our candidate the "A lister" Laura Sandys if they like! I would have much preferred Mark McGreggor again at least he's not been likened to Aitken who lost us all credibility down here!!!!

2:52 pm  

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